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Our commitment to animal wellbeing and sustainability: a pioneer since 1969

Since our foundation in 1969, we have always advocated the wellbeing and sustainable care of the animals. As a leading service provider in the field of food production, we stand for excellent animal wellbeing, sustainability and innovation standards. We apply state-of-the-art technology, follow our own stringent guidelines and are involved in future-orientated projects such as the farm-to-fork strategy in order to demonstrate our commitment to responsible and sustainable livestock logistics.

More than just a service provider: our heart beats for animal wellbeing

As a reliable partner for food producers throughout Germany, we place great value on viewing the wellbeing of the animals with which we are entrusted as the core of our work. This attitude is not only reflected in our good reputation, but also in our lasting success since our foundation in 1969.

Transport revolution: our high-tech HGV fleet

Our HGV fleet represents state-of-the-art technology, including innovative spray showers for the animals, enabling the provision of comfort for the animals, in particular in the summer. We place great value on cleanliness and safety, provide the animals with more space than legally stipulated and have established well-ventilated parking in the shade at our location.

Revolution in transport: our high-tech lorry fleet

Our fleet of lorries represents the state of the art, including innovative misting showers for the animals to provide comfort even in summer. We place great emphasis on cleanliness and safety, offer the animals more space than required by law and have installed well-ventilated shaded car parks at our site.

Comfortable travel for the animals: our HGVs with controlled temperatures

In accordance with our business philosophy “Animal wellbeing is our top priority”, we will use innovative HGVs with heating systems in the future, thus avoiding temperature fluctuation during the colder seasons and guaranteeing comfortable travel for the animals.

Exemplary role in the farm-to-fork strategy: our contribution to the European Green Deal

The farm-to-fork strategy introduced by the EU Commission in May 2020, is targeted at a sustainable nutrition system which supports the European Green Deal. As a pioneer in the logistics livestock sector, we have been actively involved in this initiative since mid-2020 and set standards for other market participants.

Within the scope of this strategy, BioCV GmbH selected us as a “Preferred Partner” in 2020. We participate in the development and testing of solutions for continuous monitoring of the animals’ health and wellbeing and showing it in a transparent manner.

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